Six months!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm totally being a bad hostess and am holed up in the office instead of out entertaining our guests. Shame, shame. I needed to blog about this tonight though, or a few days will pass and I'll end up forgetting.

First of all, Happy 6 Months to my little Chunk. *sniff* To celebrate his half birthday, he had his very first taste of something besides mama milk. He's been showing the signs of being ready for solids for awhile, but I wanted to wait until six months. So this morning, I mashed up some banana for him, as well as put a slice in the safe feeder and let him go to town.

This is all I need, thanks.

In short, he was less than impressed. He dug chewing on the safe feeder but each bite of the mush I tried to give him was met with a sour, contorted face. He didn't actually swallow any of it, I don't think. I guess that he liked the taste but not the texture, as it still had some small lumps. I was right, because we tried some Gerber Stage 1 tonight instead and he gobbled down the entire container. Next time I guess I need to use the blender.

Down the hatch.

Ehhhh, or not.

You're kidding, right?

We grilled out at my parents' house tonight, and then congregated outside for one of the last nice evenings of the season. It was so gorgeous out. Perfect temperature, no humidity, no wind and the leaves are just beginning to get a tinge of orange to them. I love this time of year. Beckett crawled around in the grass with Pappy and Sawyer spent the entire evening drawing with sidewalk chalk. He screamed in agony when it was time to go home and we had to leave the chalk behind. Our ride home featured a very loud rendition of "GET MORE CROWNS PLEASE GET THE CROWNS." (Crowns = crayons, which is what he called the chalk, for those of you who aren't fluent in toddler-speak).

He gags on a miniscule chunk of banana, but blades of grass are no problem. Does not compute.

Yum, dead grass.

He looked at me maybe three times total, despite my frantic hopping and exclamations of, "Look! I'm Dora and Boots and Drake & Josh are on and Diego is here with Baby Jaguar!! Come get some cookies! There's an alligator on my face!"

And when he did look at me, it was for a split second, resulting in a blur (because I don't have that sweet 'kids and pets' setting to cheat with).

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Renee said...

I'm glad the new routine is starting to pay off. Hearing your baby is awful and you find yourself second guessing everything you're doing. Rest assured, he will be okay. Ria didn't learn to settle herself until 12 months and it was awful.

Beckett seems to really love his Banana and I know what you mean about toddlers and trying to get a picture.

Happy 6 months to Beckett!

Tue Sep 18, 04:00:00 AM EDT

MomSmoo said...

Very Cute!! R -- so NOT interested in solids either and L loves him some sidewalk chalk too. Won't touch crayons, but loves sidewalk chalk.

Can you believe how big our boys are getting!

Tue Sep 18, 10:09:00 AM EDT

Keri said...

You are doing great Alicia. Not like you need my approval but I know your concern and heart and I think you are doing great!! :)

Tue Sep 18, 05:18:00 PM EDT


You're kids are so dag gone adorable!!! And Beckett looks a lot like my 6 month old. If we ever have a playdate, I'm bringing name tags so we don't take home the wrong baby!

Tue Sep 18, 09:55:00 PM EDT

Melban said...

I can't believe he's getting so old. I'll never forget his face when he tried to the mushed up bananas. He really loved the store bought stuff though. he's been wanting to eat for a few weeks I'm glad he finally can.

Your other son on the other hand gets the artist thing from you which is good. I can't believe he'll draw with those things till we make him stop. Why do I have to be the mean parent making him stop?

Wed Sep 19, 02:55:00 PM EDT

Katie said...

Happy 6 months (Sorry I missed it)!!!

Thu Sep 27, 02:29:00 PM EDT


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