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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Naps have gone considerably better today! The only reason I'm posting is because he's napping. And my house is clean and ready for guests, thanks to help from the husband. He's good for something every now and then.

We cheated on the first nap, because DH took him in the car to get the aquarium toy and he fell asleep on the way home. But hey, it was a nap and we took it. I counted two hours from when he woke up from that nap to try again. I had cozied up his crib with the bumpers I sewed months ago, a new mattress cover, fresh sheet, and soft blankie and stuffed animals. Took him in his room and nursed him, then put him in the crib.

He was okay for about ten minutes, babbling and playing with the toys. When his fussing got louder, DH went up to comfort him. He did that three times, laying him back down each time. I really thought he was going to nod off but he ended up getting irate, so I nursed him again and he fell asleep during that. Again, sort of cheating, but it's a step in the right direction. All in all, it took about an hour, and I felt good about it because we did not allow him to cry at all (fussing and crying are totally different). We kept him in his room the whole time and were persistent that it was nap time, so I think after a few days of this he will get better at it.

I'm now showered and the house is clean (and yeah, the hair sculpture still resides in the drain; told you I was bad about that), I've made a big dent in laundry and had lunch. So after Beckett wakes up, I think I'll nurse him and then make a quick trip to the fabric store before our company gets here. I've been obsessed with craft blogs for the past week or so and there are so many things I'm itching to sew up. Bluebirdbaby inspired me to make some corduroy pants for the boys, Not So Fancy Nancy posted a tote bag tutorial I'm dying to try and happythings has much quilty goodness I can't wait to use my stash up on.

I'm anxious to be able to sew some things for myself and as gifts for a change. For the past couple months, I've done nothing but fill orders, and while it's nice to make money, it can get pretty monotonous. (However, I am only about $400 away from paying off my 24" iMac that I bought on credit just a month ago, so I can't complain too much!) I haven't made anything for my own kids in ages. A couple nights ago, I made a couple sets of coasters to send out as surprises for some friends, and it was so fulfilling. Plus, I got to use scraps! I have piles and piles of scraps just begging to be made beautiful.

And yes, I still keep buying fabric despite the stash I have that is taking over the house. I can't resist it. It's textile porn for me. I have a total fiber fetish.

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Melban said...

The house looks great I'm so proud. Also the DH must be good for something every now and again or you wouldn't have two beautiful sons.

I forbid you to buy more fabric. My house is already one big minke shedding ground. (OK guys lets see if she takes that seriously).

Sat Sep 15, 03:24:00 PM EDT

Chic Mama said...

Hey Alicia- I just got your comment on my last blog! Have you checked out the DONA website? I think that is the route I am going to take as far as training, but I may not certify with them because I am not sure if I agree with all of their standpoints. I have started the online lactation program they recommend and have also started my required reading. Let me know if you decide to do it! We could go through this journey together! By the way, you can e-mail me here: chic_kenz@yahoo.com

Sun Sep 16, 04:30:00 PM EDT

ellinghouse said...

congrats on getting the house in proper working order! Wish I was you...

Sun Sep 16, 06:52:00 PM EDT


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