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Thursday, September 6, 2007

On our way up to bed last night, DH casually informed me that he gave my blog address to his grandmother. I stood there stunned for a few moments and then the following conversation ensued. Imagine my voice as more of a frantic howl.

Me: "Why would you do that?!"
DH: "What?"
Me: "Why would you give your grandmother my blog address?!"
DH: "Um.. I.. don't know?"
Me: "What if I want to write about my period!!"
DH: "I'm pretty sure she used to have one of those."
Me: "What if I want to write about our sex life?"
DH: "She knows we have sex."
Me: "But! But! Why would you DO that?!"
DH: "She said she was not good with bookmarks so I don't think you need to worry."

More stunned silence.

Me: "I am so blogging about this tomorrow."

So Nese, if you're reading this, HI! I love you and I promise I won't write about anything too terribly embarrassing. Or if I do, I'll try to put a warning at the top, something like "If you wish to read about my horrid yeast infection, proceed with caution" or "This post involves 42 swear words." Just kidding, I don't swear much. But the yeast infection thing.. I can't make any promises about that!

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Melban said...

OK you forgot the part about immaculate conception but I'll forgive you. Unfortunately we have many of these conversations and everyone misses out on them. You'll have to start posting more of them. Heck maybe I'll have to start guess posting some so you don't have to keep track of them all.

Thu Sep 06, 12:57:00 PM EDT

Keri said...

I love it!! :) You crack me up.

Thu Sep 06, 11:40:00 PM EDT


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