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Friday, September 7, 2007

After over an hour on the phone being tossed across the Marion County circuit board and talking to five different people, I finally got in contact with the Office of Compliance and I am 99% sure we don't need a permit for tomorrow! The woman I spoke with said she didn't think so, but transferred me to her supervisor, who did not answer. I left a message so hopefully she will call me back with a definitive answer.

Still no word from the media, which is slightly a bummer. Although it does help to make me less nervous to think that I might not have to be on camera. The point of this whole thing is to spread awareness though, so media attention would be nice!

After DH gets home tonight I'll go pick up some balloons and poster board to make signs. We have secured a large banquet table so we can decorate it nicely and draw lots more attention to ourselves. Tonight I'll paint up signs with such slogans as "Babies love eatin' good in the neighborhood!" and "Bathrooms Are For Diapers, Not Dinner!" I plan to take lots of pictures and I'll post them all here when I get home.

Other than all that excitement, we've been busy around here. I took the boys across the street to the park yesterday and there was another mom there with her little boy. We chatted for close to an hour and I found out she only lives a couple blocks from us. She invited me to start walking with her in the mornings, and also to hang out with the kids, maybe go to Gymboree or the museum. I teased DH that I had gotten a hot chick's number. He was jealous.

So last night, we drove up to Castleton to get The Double Stroller so I can start going on walks (as much as I'd love to be super crunchy and sling Bex on my back, I just have to face it that I am not in shape and would be huffing and puffing after two blocks if I did that). I use capitals because it is THE stroller that I chose after days of searching online, and this store 45 miles away was the only place I could get it in stock. Because as all you moms know, the color of the stroller is of utmost importance. We needed Milan.

We picked it up and drove back home in record time, and DH took it out of the box to put it together for me right away. Because I am impatient. I danced around him like a dachshund with ADD. As he started pulling it out, tiny shards of red plastic littered the carpet. Broken. Of course.

I called the store we had bought it from and put emphasis on the fact that we drove an hour and a half round trip and couldn't really just bring it back by. They were unimpressed and informed me they were closing soon for the day and we could bring it back another day. Nice. So I'll just call Graco and request a replacement part. Luckily it was just a piece of the brake that was broken so it doesn't inhibit function too much.

I took pictures at the park yesterday. Bex was content to just sit in the stroller and be adorable as I chase Sam all over the block trying to keep him from killing himself. I laugh at the idea of what the other mom must have been thinking as I'd interrupt our conversation to race after Sam, flip flops flying, to rescue him from hurling himself into the street or off the top of the playground. I don't need a gym membership -- I have a live treadmill.

Look at those chompers!

Squinty in the sun.

My baby looks OLD. *sniff*

His mission is to make the weirdest possible face when I bug him with the camera.

Hollering "NO MOMMY!" at me when I told him to smile.

Building "volcanoes" with the mulch.

He scares the crap out of me on this thing. The only time he has ever fallen is when I reached him and caught him with about a millisecond to spare.

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Melban said...

Poor DH having his wife pass him over for a hot chick. I'm looking forward to tomorrow I've never been to a hippie event. I think it will be fun.

Fri Sep 07, 10:12:00 PM EDT

Keri said...

I can't stop laughing at your hubby's comment!! :) You two are quit a pair!! I love it.

Sat Sep 08, 04:51:00 PM EDT


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