I'm losing my mind today, I've already decided

Friday, September 28, 2007

Having two kids was a bad, bad idea. No, let me rephrase that. Having these two kids was a bad idea. I should have ordered the model with the mute button and autopilot feature. (Those of you with more than two kids -- I maintain the opinion that you are completely fruit loops. I mean that in the nicest way.)

Today has most definitely earned the infamous label of One of Those Days. Yes, at only 8:30 in the morning. The baby has decided that he can't leave my side absolutely ever, which would be fine if I, you know, didn't have a single other thing that ever needed my attention. Ever. Oh, and he's learned that my shoulder makes a convenient snot rag. This makes for an awesome fashion accessory, let me tell you. Snot distressed tees.

And the toddler's affliction with Crisco and tearing paper into tiny little shreds doesn't exactly make for a clean house. He also finds joy in saying, "Look Mommy, rocks!" while chunking one from his hidden stash across the room.

My title comes from Kate Gosselin. She muttered it under her breath on an episode of Jon & Kate + 8 and immediately I was like, "YES. Preach it, sistah!" Although the thought of comparing my life to hers is absolutely laughable, because if I were in her shoes I'd have ran away to Mexico a long time ago. People are definitely born with certain levels of patience -- mine is down here and hers is up here. (Picture me doing some frantic low and high hand gestures.)

I called the husband crying already this morning (poor guy hadn't even made it to work yet) and he said I could come downtown for lunch. To which I whined, "But that's still four hours away. I'm losing my mind now." Plus, that would involve taking a shower and making myself look more like an actual functioning person, so we'll see if I can muster up enough motivation.

Oh, and it appears that not only am I allergic to Neosporin, but I have also developed an allergy for Band-Aids. And yes, I found out the hard way.

I think my comfort food of the day is going to be Halloween Mix. Take a bag of candy corn (I like Brach's Autumn Mix; the little pumpkins are cute) and a jar of dry roasted peanuts (although I'm making a double batch and using both dry roasted and honey roasted) and mix it all together in a bowl. Something about the sweet and salty combination is amazing. Like a Payday. Try it. Love it. Thank me later.

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Melban said...

For some reason I had always hoped my kids would be as maintenance free as me. I don't know what I did but when I placed my order I guess I forgot to mention I wanted the features you spoke of. To bad my sales rep is nowhere to be found.

I am also expecting to find no Halloween mix left when I get home. If I do find any you are in trouble.

Fri Sep 28, 10:45:00 AM EDT

Keri said...

TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!!! It's one of those days down here too!

Fri Sep 28, 11:03:00 AM EDT


Just call me Toucan Sam...I understand exactly how you feel. I have four boys, when all of them are together, it is like a three ring circus sometimes. My evening was like that with the two youngest last night, after work, while cooking dinner, doing housework, homework, etc...Kids gotta love em! Also, I lurve John and Kate..plus 8...I absolutely would have to be committed if I were her..how does she do it? Hang in there...hopefully you made it to lunch, the day improved..

Fri Sep 28, 01:07:00 PM EDT



Fri Sep 28, 02:07:00 PM EDT

ellinghouse said...

I think I lost my mind this past tuesday, then again on wednesday. Glad it's friday! I''ve been there and feel for ya!

Fri Sep 28, 04:35:00 PM EDT

Jenni said...

Ahhh, the snot t's, nothing quite like those;} I am especially charmed when she does it directly after I've gotten dressed in the morning. Even better when it's my last clean shirt. I agree, fun times.

Fri Sep 28, 10:17:00 PM EDT

Renee said...

:( sorry your day has been so tough, I get my fair share of those with just the one. Ria has always been like Beckett, never wanted to sleep (formula didn't change that) and still MUST BE BY MY SIDE 24/7...she doesn't even like Rajiv within 2ft of me. The "spirited" child isn't an easy one to raise, I worry about having another because its such a handfull with one.

Enough about me there, I just get what you mean and I blubber on the phone all the time, it helps let off some steam.

I have your email but my internet is crap right now, it won't even let me upload Ria's birthday pictures.

Sat Sep 29, 03:56:00 PM EDT


Oh babe.....I can relate....and that candy, YUMMY!!!!!!!

Sun Sep 30, 08:00:00 PM EDT

louann said...

I can understand, it does get overwhelming. Here's to better days ahead!

Sun Sep 30, 10:14:00 PM EDT


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