Already wishing it was Friday

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I keep thinking Sam is asleep, only to hear him thunder across the floor above my head again. He already emptied his drawers again (!!!), as well as the drawer under his bed, so there isn't anything left for him to destroy in there. Unless he decides to stack the drawers up and play mountain climber again. I haven't heard the rumble of them toppling over yet though, so he must be biding his time.

Earlier today I could hear him being too quiet at the top of the stairs, and when I asked him what he was doing I was met with, "Spitting my water." I marched up and snatched the cup from him, and when I turned around to go back down he said, "You better get a towel."

"Yes sir, I will get a towel, and you will clean up the mess."

"No, Mommy. I goin' in my house. Bye."

Why didn't anyone tell me that the attitude starts at two years old? Shouldn't he still be struggling to form sentences? The teachers at pre-school next year are going to love him.

He went into his Little Tikes house and slammed the door, and when I tried to get him to come out and help me clean up the water, he responded by bellowing "STOP! GET OUT, MOMMY."

He's still playing with that dollar I gave him yesterday, too. He has crumpled it up, shoved it in his pocket, teased his brother with it and chewed on it, but has astonishingly left it in one piece. I am considering putting it in his baby book, because this is pretty monumental.

Bex was in true form this morning, wailing like an abandoned kitten and trying to launch himself out of the bouncer every time I tried to put him in it so I could get some orders finished. So in an act of desperation, I slung him on my back in the mei tai and kept on sewing. And let me tell you, I feel like I have discovered a magical power now because he actually let me work like that! He was content with chewing on the strap and I trucked through the rest of my orders in record time.

I took pictures, of course, and I hope no one laughs too hard at my scraggly hair and pajama attire. It was either that or take him out so I could shower, get dressed and fix my hair. Which was just not happening at 8am.

I was even more surprised when I turned my back to the camera to snap a close-up of him and realized that not only was he happy, he was asleep. Sam NEVER fell asleep on my back when he was a baby so I hadn't even considered that Bex might. And if that wasn't enough to make me feel like Super Mom -- I actually managed to wrangle him off my back and into the crib without waking him up. I barely had time to snap pictures of the orders before he woke up twenty minutes later, but I still felt pretty awesome about it.

Apparently, 20-minute naps are the trend today because he's already up from his second one and is fussing at me to pick him up. So much for eating lunch after blogging. All I have consumed today are two cupcakes and two Diet Dr. Peppers. I wish I could find the humor in this situation but it's just not happening today.


Melban said...

I love/hate the Schedule the Vasectomy tags. Bex has always like when I carried him in the slink (all 3 times) but that is great the he's able to fall asleep in it.

As for Sam I'll beat him when I get home. J/K but I'm sure I can think of some way to torture him.

And eat something.

Tue Sep 04, 02:26:00 PM EDT

MomSmoo said...

Your schedule the vasectomy tag made me spit out my coffee!! There are some days when I feel so ready to take on more kids and then days when I wonder what the hell drugs I am on to even consider more kids!

hope you are doing well!

Tue Sep 04, 03:20:00 PM EDT

Keri said...

My middle one is sick and it is torture!!! Of all of them to be sick not him!! I hate it for me and him and think that some days he is only alive because he is so darn cute!

Wed Sep 05, 12:34:00 AM EDT

Allison said...

hey there; saw your comment at sara's blog, and wow, CONGRATS on baby number 2! I can't believe how grown up sawyer looks ... I wanted to comment because I totally am admiring your ability to sling Bex on your back ... I have yet to master that, my meitai has saved my butt so many times though.

Wed Sep 05, 12:55:00 AM EDT


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