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Sunday, September 9, 2007

I got more pictures back from Amanda, who so kindly gave me permission to post them here. She got some great ones! There are tons more at Flickr. I also created a group for all breastfeeding protest pictures, past and present. If you have some to share, I would love for you to add them. Here is the group.

I sent out a revised press release with a couple pictures attached to all the media outlets last night. I sent it to about 30 different email addresses, so I'm hoping we have a chance of at least one picking it up. Although I feel stupid because I accidentally Cc'd them instead of Bcc, so they'll be able to see everyone I sent it to. Oops.

Some good blog coverage:

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Oh my gosh!! I am so upset that I missed out on this! If you have any events like this in the future, please contact me, ok? I really wish my sweet baby boy and I could have been there to offer our support.
Well, I guess that teaches me I can't miss a day of reading your blog, huh? :)

Sun Sep 09, 09:23:00 PM EDT

Shelby Melban said...

I had so much fun I'm glad you organized it. Other than the fun it was for a good cause that needs to be brought to the attention of the general public more often.

Tue Sep 11, 11:42:00 PM EDT


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