Week-End Wordle

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go here to learn more about this nifty meme.

Why no, I'm not mainly posting this because I haven't blogged in a week and have an obsession with not being a blog-neglecter. *innocent whistle* It is pretty cool though. A nice way to wrap up the week's posts. And it's a little obvious that I've been posting a lot of recipes lately. Oops.


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Rachel said...

Recipes are a good thing. Keep 'em comin', girl.

Mon Mar 30, 10:29:00 AM EDT

Ashley said...

Isn't wordle fun? I love it. Love all the cooking words and love the colors you used.

Mon Mar 30, 10:36:00 AM EDT

Jennerific said...

i love your blog! just stumbled across it by linking through "i am trish marie" and have to say, you are so crafty, so cute, so original, so sweet

Tue Mar 31, 08:39:00 AM EDT


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