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Monday, March 9, 2009

Remember the bag I posted a picture of last week?

the everything bag

You can win it! I'm also donating a personalized minkee blankie that you can win as well.

personalized minkee blanket

But really, that's not even the best part about this giveaway. Let me give you a little back story. My good friend Ellyn has two beautiful baby boys that she is celebrating this month with a rockin' giveaway. Sweet baby Eli was born still and his second birthday is the 28th, so we are celebrating the little man in style.

And Eli's little brother Seth is the other guest of honor. See, Seth had a rough start in life, and he lost his hearing as a result of some strong antibiotics he was on in the NICU. He needs cochlear implants so he can hear some day. Which brings me to the BIG prize in this giveaway: the Profound Pictures Prize Package! By making a donation of just $10, you will be entered to win your choice of a Canon Rebel XS or a Nikon D40! Plus tons of great accessories like a camera strap, camera bag and your own copy of Photoshop Elements. Your donations will go towards two amazing charities: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and Rhyan's Hope.

There are lots of other great prizes too, including the items I donated, which you can be entered to win for FREE simply by promoting the contest on your blog. So get over to Profoundly Seth and enter!

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