Not Me! Monday

Monday, March 2, 2009

I do not let my child eat crayons. That would just be gross. I also did not grab my camera and snap a picture of his purple crayon face instead of immediately scrubbing it with a wash cloth.


Above mentioned child does not still wake multiple times a night at almost two years old. And we definitely do not give in to whatever demands he has at the time, whether it be drinks, more blankets or an episode of Max and Ruby. We would never be too exhausted to worry about the bad habits we are creating and just want him to go back to sleep without screaming.

And if the above statement were true, I would never be so lazy as to have just now, today, gotten around to ridding his crib of the mountain of blankets he has horded in an effort to eliminate that portion of the problem.

No, I did not just admit that my two-year-old is still in a crib.

I do not have about ten loads of laundry piled on my couch waiting to be folded. That would be such an eyesore. And I would never dress the children from that pile, thus forcing them to wear wrinkly clothes. My children are always perfectly groomed and dressed to the nines.

I did not learn a couple weeks ago that I am going to become an aunt for the first time. My baby brother is definitely still a baby and has no interest in girls. And despite the less than perfect situation he is currently in, I am not the least bit excited about my impeding niece or nephew. Nope, not at all. Which means I definitely did not announce it all over Twitter.

I am not contemplating Arby's for dinner tonight just because I have a coupon for a free Roast Burger. That would be unhealthy! And I bet I did not just tempt all of you to do the exact same thing.

What all have you not done this week?

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

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Jennifer said...

heh... my (almost) two year old also DID NOT eat a purple crayon yesterday :) And she is also NOT still in her crib. (dude, I'm keeping her in there until she tries to climb out. If she's 10, so be it!)

Mon Mar 02, 03:33:00 PM EST

stiner0305 said...

oh i know about the last night give ins. well ok i dont' my hubby does, our kids dont' wake me up, they just wake him up they know i will say NO hehehehe.

Mon Mar 02, 08:23:00 PM EST

Ashley said...

You're little boy is so cute!

Just found your blog through MckMama and I love it - it is so fun!

Tue Mar 03, 01:11:00 AM EST

Kristen said...

My neighbors dog ate a box of fluorescent crayons when I was a kid. His poop was pretty colorful...and gross!

I kept my girl in her crib as long as I could until I realized it was cruel to potty train her yet keep her stuck in her crib all night.

Tue Mar 03, 02:48:00 AM EST


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