The Everything Bag

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I made this bag yesterday using the Everything Bag Tutorial. Didn't take me long at all and I love it. I think I could be growing addicted to making bags. I have a mile-long list of supplies to get at the craft store so I can tackle a few different patterns I have bookmarked.

This bag (and some other goodies that will be forthcoming) is part of a super special event that I will have more info about on Sunday. So keep yours eyes peeled!

the everything bag

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Anonymous said...

I want to make a bag! You are so crafty! I liked the purse you made with the skull denim. That's definitely my style! I need to find some gothy Hello Kitty fabric.

Tue Mar 03, 04:38:00 PM EST


I am very anxious to hear more. ;)

Tue Mar 03, 11:02:00 PM EST

Ashley said...

What a cool bag! and it looks big enough to hold all my junk, ha!

I wish I could sew so I could make my own bags!

Wed Mar 04, 11:48:00 PM EST


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