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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I went shopping with a friend last night and we hit up Goodwill, JoAnn's and Target. Despite being completely exhausted from being out and about for four hours (her even more than me, she's 31 weeks pregnant with twins!) I found some good stuff. Now I just need to find the energy to actually put it to use.

First, from Goodwill, some vintage kiddie fabric. I am in love with the colors in this. It has a very cool weave, not the typical cotton quilting stuff you see today.


Goodwill also had this pretty vintage pillowcase, perfect for a pillowcase dress. I adore that little scalloped edge.


And, two dress shirts, to be made into sundresses using this fab tutorial.


At JoAnn's I found some diamonds in the rough: Alexander Henry Bird Seed and Robert Kaufman Pears. The fabric on the right is a Keepsake Calico that I thought was cute.


And have you seen the Orla Kiely stuff at Target?? I WANT. IT. ALL. My favorite are these pear canisters. Yum. Want! Not to mention, it's almost like she created this collection with MY kitchen in mind. Observe:




Ugh. Lust.

Anyway, I did grab some of her awesome dishtowels and am planning to make them into a bag.


Ahhhh.. so many projects.

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Ashley said...

Oh my gosh - I love your kitchen! I love all the colors, it is so pretty and fun!

Thu Apr 02, 01:01:00 AM EDT

Leslie said...

i happened by your blog from crazy mom quilts, quilt-a-long...i love it when you find a gem at Joann's. I just picked up that same yellow floral, and have the bird fabric on my sewing table to make curtains for my kitchen. You make beautiful stuff

Fri May 08, 05:36:00 PM EDT

cachet said...

'nother comment from me--I just posted in my blog yesterday about hitting up Goodwill and Joann's for fabric. Too funny. I swear I have that same pillowcase. I have stacks of linens, can't.get.enough!

Tue May 12, 01:08:00 AM EDT


I'm making Megan a pillow case dress today. It has the scalloped edge too. Hopefully it turns out okay!

Did you transform the shirts yet? I'd love to see!

Mon Jun 15, 03:53:00 PM EDT


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