Operation WIP

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Also known as Works In Progress. I have several I need to finish and I'm trying (keyword there is trying!) to finish them all before I start anything new. Which is very difficult because there are so many tempting NEW projects I could start. I hate having half-finished pieces cluttering up my piles though.

I finished the easiest project first - a quilted pillow. Now I have three quilts I need to tackle that all need sewn together before I can do anything else.


The little weenie dogs are actually cut from one of Beckett's old stained onesies.


I also received my promo material for Avie Adorned. How cool is this stuff? Business cards and "packaging" for my bows! I punch a hole in the cards and then clip the bows on for shipping.


Speaking of bows, I added several new ones to the shop last night. Check it out!

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Ashley said...

that pillow is so adorable! i just love it! i wish i could make things like this but sewing just isn't my thing... well maybe cause i've never tried :)

Thu Apr 23, 10:55:00 PM EDT


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