Haircuts: A Chinese Torture Method

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Or so my 2-year-old would have you believe.

Today, Beckett got a haircut. And I think we succeeded in annoying the piss out of every patron and stylist in the salon as he wailed and squawked like he was on fire. I know what you're thinking: where are the pictures of this so-called torture? I don't have any, because I was busy pinning his arms down and hugging him to my chest while the stylist tried not to slice an ear off amidst his thrashing.

He didn't want a Tootsie Roll Pop, he didn't want to wear the cool lime green cape with cars on it, and he certainly didn't want the Clippers of Doom anywhere near his head. Thankfully for my sanity (and much to the enjoyment of everyone's ears) he calmed down towards the end. One hair-covered red sucker, two sticky hands, a snotty nose and some cleavage full of hair shavings later, this little man emerged:

So in my opinion, the torture was worth it because he looks damn adorable. But rest assured I had her take quite a bit extra off the top. No plans to repeat this again any time soon.

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Lyssa said...

He is pretty handsome!

Thu Apr 02, 10:26:00 PM EDT

Ashley said...

He is adorable!

Thu Apr 02, 11:27:00 PM EDT

Renee said...

It was totally worth the torture, look at your handsome little guy :)

Fri Apr 03, 07:55:00 AM EDT

Anonymous said...

LOL, I remember the hair-colored sucker from Ju's first haircut. Good times. He looks adorable.

Fri Apr 03, 03:38:00 PM EDT


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