Wordless Wednesday: Hello In There

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sawyer giving Avie a poke. Yes, my belly is lopsided - all three of my kids favored the right side and have stretched it out!

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Lyssa said...

This is so sweet!

Wed Apr 15, 10:12:00 PM EDT

Anonymous said...

Awww! Ave did that to me, too. She sat on my left side during my entire pregnancy so I was totally lopsided. AWESOME.

Thu Apr 16, 12:59:00 AM EDT

JoDee said...

Awe!! That is such an awesome pic!!! Definitely one for the baby book! Funny how they tend to favor a side--this one is always on my left side!

Thu Apr 16, 09:10:00 AM EDT

Ashley said...

Such a sweet picture!

Fri Apr 17, 12:53:00 AM EDT

Anonymous said...

Awww!!! I love the picture....so cute!!! Can't wait to see your little princess!

Fri Apr 17, 11:13:00 AM EDT


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