Let's begin.

Friday, February 13, 2009

let's begin.

I am a few minutes away from slicing into that scrumptious fabric (eep!) and beginning work on squishy's bedding. Had to get a photo of the before, because things tend to get messy when I'm getting creative.

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Rachel said...

OMFG I covet your sewing room/area.

Fri Feb 13, 10:06:00 PM EST

 Alicia said...

Haha it's my kitchen table/kitchen. I wish I had a room just for sewing!

Fri Feb 13, 10:39:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I'm glad that my mom enjoys sewing because I haven't got the patience or the skill for it! <3<3<3

Sat Feb 14, 11:34:00 AM EST


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