First Baby Dream

Sunday, February 8, 2009

At each appointment with my midwife, she always asks if I've had any dreams about the baby. Last appointment, I had to say no. But yesterday, while napping on the couch, I had an extremely vivid dream about her. I want to write it down here so I don't forget it. It'll be cool to look back after she's born and see if any of it is true.

For some reason we were out of town when I went into labor. Not sure where we were, but as a result I ended up giving birth in a hospital. I still had a natural birth, but the actual moment of giving birth was blacked out in the dream. It flashed forward to me holding this gargantuan baby and begging people to tell me how much she weighed, so I could announce her arrival on Twitter (yes, I'm a nerd). They all seemed to think it was some hilarious joke to not tell me her weight and it pissed me off. She was huge though, had to be around 11 pounds. And she had quite a bit of reddish-blonde hair.

The weird part was that at first, I thought she was a boy and was calling her Daniel. Weird because that has never been a name we have considered. I told the boys to come meet their new brother. Then, it occurred to me - oh yeah, I was supposed to have a girl! I unwrapped her and pulled back her diaper and sure enough - all girl. I told DH, "Oh, it's _______ ______!" The name we have chosen for her, plus the middle name that I like and DH isn't crazy about. I told him that of course this means we have to use that name now, so there.

The dream ended with me nursing her and then her sleeping peacefully in my arms. She was so pretty and I got several good long looks at her face. It will be crazy to see if she actually looks like she did in my dream. And if she really has that much hair - I'm expecting a baldy.

Speaking of Little Miss, my brother officially moved out this weekend. Which means I have an empty room and can start the NURSERY! I got paint tonight and will probably get it on the walls this week. It'll be two-tone with the Rose Dust on the bottom and Cornmeal on top, separated by a white chair rail.

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Anonymous said...

I had baby dreams when I first got preggers but it was never anything that I could remember. I do remember that I dreamt that Peanut was a boy and I had that dream many times. Finding out that I was having a girl shocked the hell out of me (but not in a bad way!). It's good that you're jotting down your dreams. I wish I had done that.

Sun Feb 08, 11:11:00 PM EST

Renee said...

I've just had my first baby dream too, very vivid and eerie.

I love the colours you've chosen, its going to look beautiful

Mon Feb 09, 03:31:00 AM EST


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