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Monday, February 23, 2009

name pillow!

And let me just say that I am severely disappointed in the magnitude of people who don't get the literary reference. Anne of Green Gables? L. M. Montgomery? Road to Avonlea? Ringing any bells? Seriously, about 99% of the people I know in real life have never heard of it. This makes me sad.

Anyway, for those of you who are in that same boat, it's pronounced Av (like have)-in-lee. The boys already call her Avie and it is adorable.

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Renee said...

I can't believe people wouldn't remember good ol' Anne of Green Gables. Very sad.

I'm glad you've decided on a name that means something to you, its cute :)

Mon Feb 23, 07:22:00 PM EST

Jennifer said...

Totally got it! Love it, so cute. And I'm completely jealous of her room, it's gorgeous.

Mon Feb 23, 07:59:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...

Pretty! It's unique too! And what girl doesn't get the reference? We all read that book in like the 4th grade!

Mon Feb 23, 08:55:00 PM EST


It's unique and adorable. A great little girls name!!! :)

Mon Feb 23, 09:00:00 PM EST

Me said...

The first thing that came to mind was Anne of Avonlea. Beautiful name :)

Mon Feb 23, 10:24:00 PM EST

Katie said...

YAY!!! Very cute! Is there a middle name?

Mon Feb 23, 11:40:00 PM EST

JoDee said...

I love the name!! And I can't believe no one remembers Anne of Green Gables!!! I loved that book, and just thinking about it makes me want to re-read it!! Great name pick!!!!!

Tue Feb 24, 10:47:00 AM EST


That is the most amazing name ever!!! Seriously, Anne of Green Gables might possibly be my favorite book ever and I'm sad that I didn't have a girl and think of it first.

Tue Feb 24, 12:53:00 PM EST

El said...

Love it! When I saw the above post before I read the reference I was going to say "As in Anne of?" But then I kept reading. =)

I love A-V names...I guess I better since I have an Avelyn!

The room looks kids still have the quilts you made them, although the kids are about as big as the quilts these days. =)

Sat Feb 28, 09:17:00 PM EST


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