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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Already. And this is just the beginning.

Some of our purchases from the last two days. There are also several cupcake onesies I didn't take a picture of. She is going to be drowning in cupcakes.

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Renee said...

3 words for you...Gymboree Cupcake Cutie

Wed Jan 21, 12:02:00 PM EST

Melban said...

if we don't go shopping we won't be able to get anything. I'm glad you said something

Wed Jan 21, 01:57:00 PM EST

 Alicia said...

Oh honey, I can do all my shopping on the internet. ;)

Wed Jan 21, 02:04:00 PM EST

Lauren said...

I can't find CUTE Hello Kitty baby clothes anywhere! Where did you find those? So cute!!

Tue Jan 27, 08:28:00 PM EST


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