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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Save Handmade!

As many of you know or have heard, new legislation that will go into effect on February 10th by the name of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) will force many small businesses, work-at-home-moms and other makers of children's items to close their doors. Forbes has a great article explaining the whole thing.

I won't even begin to explain how saddened, outraged, depressed and defeated I feel over this issue. I was a full time WAHM in the past and am a self-proclaimed handmade addict. The thought that I can no longer buy or sell handmade items is just sickening to me. And if you read into it further, you will discover that there is even a possibility that the making of items as gifts could be outlawed. I have no words for that idiocy.

I know that my first question was, "What can I do to help?" So I thought I'd pass along my findings to you. We need all the help we can get to turn this around.

One of the best things you can do is write a letter to your senator and congressman. You can find a sample letter here. Find your senator here and your congressman here. You can also put a button on your blog like I have at the top of this post. Find the code for that at Buy Handmade's blog.

Another thing I'm trying to do before the dreaded deadline is buy handmade while I still can. I searched around and found several stores with CPSIA specials. Check 'em out, help 'em out, show 'em some support.

Kissing Kumquats - Her adorable skirts are half price, plus many other great deals.

Hair Sprinkles - 25% off her entire stock of custom made hair clippies.

Whimsy Couture - Custom monogrammed onesies on sale for only $8.88.

plainjane - Her entire inventory of custom baby clothing and accessories are marked down.

Tiara's Boutique - Gorgeous custom tutus. Seriously, these things are adorable!

Baby Brewing - All baby and kids tees are marked down from $16 to just $6. Lots of witty and cute sayings screen-printed onto American Apparel tees.

Peanut and Tommy - Wide selection of knitted and crocheted toys marked down.

There are obviously many more so shop around Etsy and see what treasures you find before it's too late.

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El said...

Hey Ali! Long time no talk...congrats on baby number 3! Girls are fun. =) Thanks so much for linking to Seth's blog, btw. Hope you're doing great! Btw, are you due in July?

Mon Jan 26, 07:38:00 PM EST


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