NaBloPoMo drop-out

Monday, November 5, 2007

I was all geared up to write 30 posts in 30 days for NaBloPoMo. I had some ideas ready and planned to look to some other blogs for interesting writing prompts.

Then Halloween happened, and seemed to drain me of every ounce of energy and motivation I had, and I decided to take a short bloggy vacation instead. I haven't checked in on my Bloglines feeds in days and the 'new post' button on my dashboard has gone untouched. So, like a few others, I'm a drop-out. But that's okay! I'll enjoy reading a post a day for the whole month at my favorite blogs. I never was good at meeting deadlines anyhow.

And I have to say, the break has been nice and much-needed. I had a very ME weekend, which I don't do very often. Friday night, my mom and I treated ourselves to Starbucks. I sipped hot chocolate and munched a pumpkin cream cheese muffin as we sank ourselves into their big comfy chairs and had a nice chat. We try to do this about once a month and I always look forward to it. I'm so lucky that DH doesn't mind at all and in fact, encourages me to go out and leave the boys with him. He knows I need the break and is always good at reminding me that it's OKAY to want that break. Sometimes my mommy guilt clouds over me and I feel so bad leaving them for a few hours, but I feel so refreshed and reenergized when I do.

Saturday, I left Beckett with DH and took Sawyer with me to my sister's softball game. I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a chance to do something with just him, and it was so nice. Seriously, you cannot believe how much easier it is to only have to worry about a two-year-old and no baby. I was able to actually sit down and STAY sitting down as he played around me. No fumbling a squirmy baby, no trying to discreetly nurse a distractable infant among dozens of people, no shushing or swaying or walking. Yes, I'm definitely one of the few mamas who can't wait for the baby stage to be over. I don't want my babies to stay babies. I love the age Sawyer is at and will be a much more stress-free mom when Beckett is there.

My judgement is probably clouded a little by the fact that he still wakes, oh, five or six times a night. Those of you who deal with a sporadic night-waker and still go on to have more kids, my hats are off to you. I'm just not that resilient I guess and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It is HARD. I thrive on sleep and am a wreck without it so this round is it for me, no more babies. DH agrees. So uh, any tips on breaking him of nursing every hour and a half at night would be much appreciated. For the gift of sanity, I would be forever indebted to you.

Saturday night, my parents watched the boys for us so we could make it to church. After two failed attempts at taking them with us, we've accepted the fact that we'll just have to wait until they're a little older to enjoy church as a family. It's either a battle to keep them quiet throughout the service (resulting in us paying attention to nothing but them and kind of defeating the purpose of going to church in the first place) or they scream for us the whole time in the nursery. Bless the little old lady that runs the place, she does try. But they just aren't comfortable with her and I won't force them to stay there and be hysterical the whole time.

So, we were able to enjoy the service alone for once and it was a nice breather. Afterwards, DH took the boys home and I went out for dinner with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile. I really owe him now because he allowed me TWO getaways this weekend. He's a brave man. I told him he needs to plan something with his friends and asked him, "Don't guys go out to dinner like women? Why can't you do that?"

"Oh, yes, I'll just call Larry and be like, 'Hey, you wanna hit Panera with me? Oh oh and there's a JoAnn's right there, we can make a night of it!'"

Judging by the high-pitched lispy voice he used, I'm guessing that's a no? Men are strange. Don't some guys do the beer and wings and sports thing? Mine is just weird I guess. But then again, I did marry him because he's not a typical man.

So, now we're at Monday morning yet again. We survived falling back an hour and the boys seem to be back on their normal schedule. I'm determined to make this week go by quickly, because Saturday is when I get to head to my hair dresser for a pretty drastic change and I'm antsy with anticipation. Maybe we'll hit up the Children's Museum and meet some friends for lunch. The days always seem to go so much quicker when we get out of the house.

And on that note, the baby is up.

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MomSmoo said...

yeah -- I was *this* close to signing up for NaBloPoMo and then I realized that I am just not that interesting and coming up with 30 days of stuff, and over L's birthday and Thanksgiving, just wasn't going to happen.

Glad you enjoyed the weekend. Now, about getting myself a minkie.... =) Email me the info. Christmas is coming and R needs something special.

Mon Nov 05, 09:51:00 AM EST

Jaclyn said...

Haha, I considered doing NoBloPoMo until I really thought about it and how well my Project 365 went once I hit a snag. That, and forced blogging can't be that interesting!

I can't wait for your hair to be done, I'm so excited!

Oh, and Derek does stuff with the guys all the time. Mostly they go to a sports bar to watch some game or meet up at someone's house for time with their beloved Xbox. Yesterday I stayed home sick with the baby while he went and did both for most of the day.

Mon Nov 05, 10:44:00 AM EST

Keri said...

Get him to go see a movie you don't want to. I get out of tons of yucky movies that way. Although we do like similar movies I always fall back on a chick flick and he gets the super high intensity suspence rush in him. So it is nice to go two seperate ways!! :)

I loved my me weekend! It was awesome...

Mon Nov 05, 07:36:00 PM EST

Melban said...

Sorry babe I was looking forward to 30 new blog posts. I always want to write but either can't come up with anything or come up with politics stuff that might not be right for a social blog.

I happy when you get out. I'm sad you aren't spending the time with me but you need the break more than I do. Guys go out but I don't really have the guy friend base that is needed to just go out and have a fun time. Maybe after we move I'll find more than just a few guy friends that I wouldn't mind spending an afternoon with. Oh well at least I've got a cool family to hang out with.

Mon Nov 05, 08:36:00 PM EST

Rachel said...

Your page is adorable, I love the name! I am new to this so there's now way I could have participated in NaBloPoMo... but I give you major kudos for even thinking it.
I have a boob addict,too so I feel ya!
Have a great one.

Mon Nov 05, 11:51:00 PM EST


While I was looking forward to 30 posts from you, I can totally understand the need for a break. Maybe next year?

Tue Nov 06, 01:06:00 PM EST

laura said...

Hey! Just found you via TopMomma. I got booted a while back :P
Beckett sure has cool clothes, and that quilts pretty amazing too (just shuffling through your Flickr).
Do you sew?

Tue Nov 06, 09:30:00 PM EST

VDog said...

Great post, girl! SO glad you got a little one on one time with your mom AND Sawyer! AWESOME!!

Well written. You should be a proud drop-out. I'm still in...for now!

Tue Nov 06, 11:36:00 PM EST

Dr. J said...

Nothing can make you hurl yourself across the house like "the baby is up."

About the night waking and nursing, I have sympathy but I'm getting nuttier than ever. The king still wakes up at night and will wake me to nurse and then shake his head "no" at me when I'm like okay, let's lay down and cuddle and sleep now. Oy, the kid uses his cuteness in every way he can!

Wed Nov 07, 12:01:00 PM EST

Chic Mama said...

Hey- I just wanted to say how completely beautiful your blog is! It looks so awesome! I mean I like it before, but now it is just amazing! Did you have someone design it for you? It looks great! Way to go!

Thu Nov 08, 02:34:00 AM EST


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