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Saturday, August 25, 2007

So. How do you even begin to write the first post in a fresh, blank blog? This empty white box is so intimidating. I suppose I could list my reasons for starting this blog, but really, why does anyone start one? Maybe I could keep answering my questions with questions?

Now that we've established that I massively suck at intros, I'll tell a story about my two-year-old, Sam. Stories are good, right? Anyway, like any two-year-old, Sam is curious. Although 'curious' seems like the understatement of the century, sometimes. Case in point: yesterday. Okay, so as much as I would love to spend every waking second of my day following him from room to room and recording every move he makes to memory, there are things to be done. Like, you know, cleaning bananas and raisins from the kitchen floor and refilling the couch cushion with its lost stuffing for the fourth time in one day. Fun stuff like that.

So yesterday, I was trying to get ahead with one of the dozens of chores that needed done, when I noticed the telltale sign of a toddler getting into something: silence. I pause and listen. Shuffling. I put down my Pampered Chef stone scraper, wipe the bits of dried cheese and tortilla from my hands and peek out into the living room. Sam looks up from behind the recliner and grins, displaying bits of yellow powder in his teeth.

"Mmmmm, Mommy! That's good!"

As I come out of the kitchen to get a good view of the rest of him, I'm confronted with a pile of the yellow powder molded into a volcano in the middle of the chair. (Our recliner is black. Do you know what yellow powder does to black fabric? I do!) Empty Jiffy corn bread box on the floor. And there stands Sam, holding an opened half-eaten tub of Dolci Frutta chocolate that he has filled with corn bread mix, which he then proceeds to dump into his mouth.

"I get snack, Mommy!"

Not even remotely surprised by anything any more, I grabbed a dish rag and the Dust Buster and went to work. Apparently he didn't want bananas and raisins for breakfast.

Food is a common theme in Sam's mischief, like the time he ran to me in the office and told me, "Mommy, Bex get cereal, Bex get bite!" I came out to find my then 4-month-old making a bewildered face at the red Fruity Cheerio Sam had placed on his tongue. Or the time he jimmied open the tub of Crisco and tried finger-painting the walls with it. Yes, this child loves food. I wonder where he gets that?

I suppose this is when I can say I should look on the bright side: maybe he'll be a chef and be on The Food Network and hobnob with Racheal and Giada! Or.. maybe I should install a lock on the pantry.

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Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm like your friendly street corner crack dealer, introducing you to the addictive world of comments! Once, you get one, you crave two, and then three....Sorry I had to start you on this path :)

Sat Aug 25, 11:19:00 PM EDT

Melban said...

No matter how many stories you are told about your kids sometimes you don't get the real detail until you have a chance to read it in print. He gets his eating habits from me although due to a bad memory I can safely say I would never have eaten corn break mix strait from the box. That being said I would have never though to add chocolate to the mix.

Lucky for use we'll have this blog to for the kids to read back through say 25 years from now when their kids are doing the exact same thing.

Sat Aug 25, 11:58:00 PM EDT

Keri said...

HA!!! Sawyer cracks me up. Such a cutie. Mason has had goldfish in his mouth thanks to his older, wiser brother. "Ma-ma eat!" is what I heard.

Sun Aug 26, 12:12:00 AM EDT


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