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Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Baby Shower time! The lovely ladies over at 5 Minutes For Mom are at it again with their fun games and awesome prizes. I'm writing my own Party Post to join in the fun and help Susan count down the days until Sophia's arrival. One party guest made her debut early -- Olivia was born September 28th!

For my first trick.. err, I mean, party game ;) -- I'm accepting the challenge to show my most sympathy-inspiring delivery photo. This one is mine, hands down. This photo shows the culmination of 11 hours of natural labor at home and 15 or so incredible minutes of pushing. I get teary every time I look at this photo and remember the raw emotion and power I felt here. I kept saying over and over, "I did it! I did it!" A truly amazing moment.


The next challenge is to show a pregnant belly photo. That one's easy for me. I took pictures of my belly all the time. This particular one is the very last photo I took at 39 and a half weeks. Beckett was a slug and came moseying on out a little under two weeks later, at 41 weeks 1 day. This picture shows the incredible way I carried both of my boys -- straight out front. My belly earned the nickname "Torpedo" from quite a few people.


Next, Susan wants us to tell our birth story. Again, easy for me! I posted it awhile back and you can read it here. Beckett was born at home and his birth was the most profound experience of my life. Pure perfection. I relive that day every time I read the story and it never gets old for me.

I was just checking out some of the prizes being given away, and I want everything! Such a great showing of mom entrepreneurs. Classy Mommy is giving away a GR8X Diaper Bag -- how fun and funky is that?? And this is the first time I've ever seen a Cushie Pushie -- it's a little pillow designed to help support a nursing mom's breast, so she has a free hand while feeding. Very cool! And Ju Ju Beane Boutique has absolutely adorable clothing and is giving away a $20 gift certificate. I'm drooling!

Susan and Janice also asked us to talk about our favorite baby names. I already used mine up on the kids I do have (Sawyer and Beckett), but I will share that if Beckett had been a girl, the two names in the running were Linden Aurora and Ellia Annelise. Maybe I'll still get to use them on a pet some day. ;)

Hmm, lets see. Picture time again. Here is a picture of me as a baby, and the boys as newborns! I see a little of myself in both of them. And seeing them side by side, I really don't think they look much alike at all!

I have to cut my party short now to get some sleepy boys down for naps, but feel free to share your pictures and stories in the comments. Or visit 5 Minutes for Mom and start your own Party Post. Warm congrats to Janice on the birth of her daughter and best wishes to Susan on her impending birth! Thanks for the chance at some great prizes, ladies!

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Tiff said...

Oh so sweet pictures! your children are beautiful!

Mon Oct 01, 02:42:00 PM EDT

Wendy said...

Great pictures:) Good Lord you had a big belly! LOL!! Love it!!

(here from 5MFM)

Mon Oct 01, 03:12:00 PM EDT

Sara said...

What a great birth picture! I have yet to read your birth story but am about to click on over, I love natural birth stories!

Mon Oct 01, 03:18:00 PM EDT

Amanda said...

oh I want a home birth!!!

Mon Oct 01, 04:10:00 PM EDT

Summer said...

That birth photo is incredible! And your belly was aptly named. :)

Mon Oct 01, 04:26:00 PM EDT

V said...

Thanks for sharing these stories. I am loving this cyber baby shower! I also loved the name Aurora, and we almost named our daughter that. But we were afraid she might call herself "Awowa" because so many kids have problems with their "r"'s. hehe...

Mon Oct 01, 05:26:00 PM EDT


You were all belly hehe. The first picture you can just see it in your eyes the admiration!

Mon Oct 01, 05:34:00 PM EDT

JoDee said...

Awww!! Your pics and birth story are soo inspiring!!!

Mon Oct 01, 05:57:00 PM EDT


Awwww, they are such cutie babies!!!
I loved all 3 of my homebirths over the 3 hospital births. It is so overwhelming in a great way.

Mon Oct 01, 10:45:00 PM EDT

louann said...

Awesome pictures! :)

Mon Oct 01, 11:10:00 PM EDT

Happy Panda said...

WOW - What great photos! I'm so glad you have participated. Good Luck

Mon Oct 01, 11:13:00 PM EDT

Marie said...

I had a water birth too. That labor was only three hours though. After doing one medicated birth and one natural, it's natural all the way for me from here on out.

Tue Oct 02, 05:24:00 PM EDT

Sallie said...

If I ever have a baby again, I want a waterbirth! I've heard wondrous stories about them!

Love that you took your own pic of the belly bump!

I'm keeping the theme going all with with new baby posts everyday. Come check it out if you get the chance!

God bless,

Tue Oct 02, 06:40:00 PM EDT

Jen said...

Hi Im cyper partying
your birth picture is totally awe inspiring
I pigged out the day before I gave birth to my 1st born
I had walking the beach and popped into a icecream palour and had a banana split
She was 2 weeks over due too

bless your pastor she sounds nice

wow what an incredible story :)

Tue Oct 02, 09:26:00 PM EDT

HotMama said...

What amazing pictures! That's a great belly photo - one of my friends used to tell me that I looked like a little piggy on stilts!

Wed Oct 03, 02:31:00 AM EDT


Good luck winning the Cushie Pushie.

Wed Oct 03, 08:50:00 PM EDT


oh so lovely!

Wed Oct 03, 11:30:00 PM EDT

Hannah Grace said...

The birth photo scares me! You did it on water? That is so cool... I only had to do it a few hours and i was on my back!

Our bellies looked a like when I was preggy. Mine was sooo big too. I really am enjoying making the rounds in this cyber shower. ^_^

Fri Oct 05, 12:22:00 AM EDT


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