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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My children both have a profound love for crayons. For Beckett, it's tasting them. He just can't resist the rainbow of wax and it's not uncommon for me to open a diaper and find hot pink nuggets staring back at me. It's become a game for him now, and he gnaws on them just to get a rise out of me. He'll sneak one from Sawyer's stash and wait until I notice him inching it towards his mouth, and then dart off behind the recliner giggling his head off. He's apparently shared this hobby with the cats too, because a couple weeks ago I witnessed Zachary pooping a yellow crayon turd into the little box. Lovely, right?

Sawyer, on the other hand does not eat them, thankfully. He draws. All. Day. Long. Every page of every coloring book he owns is covered in a prism of colors, and he's even confiscated several of DH's notepads for use as his own personal sketch books. I'm also happy to say that he's inherited my artistic talent as opposed to his father's, which is a very fortunate thing. I think at this point the kid would win hands down in a draw-off with Daddy.

For some reason, lately he has started *ahem* "decorating" my furniture with his drawings. I don't know why, because he KNOWS he's not supposed to. But nonetheless, my kitchen table is now adorned with two smiling stick figures standing on some tall grass under a very bright sun.

And on Tuesday, what I thought was an innocent gazing out the living room window was actually him depicting an entire scene along the whole length of the window sills. It's wasn't until I heard him announce, "Mommy, I'm drawing your shirt!" that I found the artwork that he was oh-so-proud of. And really, how can you be mad about this? It's better than the boring white, yes?


From left to right we have some balloons, a dinosaur, a smiling sun and Sawyer and Mommy dancing around. Down at the other side were more suns, people, and random letters.


I tried to get him to pose with his masterpiece, but only Beckett was willing to get in the shot.


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Rachel said...

He is good! His people even have bodies. As you saw, we haven't progressed to bodies yet, just limbs protruding from giant heads.

I went to change Keegan's diaper about a month ago and went into a panic when his poo was streaked with bright red blood and called Tim in... and he POKED THE POOP (brave) and found a bit of red Crayola wrapper. Hrm.

Thu Dec 18, 05:28:00 PM EST

Melban said...

I'd be very offended if the artistic comments weren't 100% accurate. He's already eclipsed my stick figure abilities and the cats poop topped me on color selection.

If you can't be an artist you might as well surround yourself with them.

Thu Dec 18, 06:24:00 PM EST

Anonymous said...

That's really impressive!

Sun Dec 21, 09:15:00 PM EST


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